FULL SERIES – VET Systems and Compliance Series


5th – 6th April 2023

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and the clauses relevant to RTO regulatory compliance, reporting and governance practice, underpin the good management of RTOs—and, as a result, their effective functioning and sustainability as businesses. As such, an ongoing focus on quality and consistency is necessary.

This series comprises the following sessions:

  • Developing effective and compliant Training and Assessment Strategies
  • How to manage Volume of Learning requirements
  • Developing meaningful evaluation of training programs
  • Internal Auditing – tips, techniques and schedules

These sessions have been selected in response to some of the major non-compliances found at audit and have been designed to offer both guidance and resources to support ongoing success.

Participants can choose to attend individual sessions or bundle all four webinars into an event series.