How to manage Volume of Learning requirements

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Overview of the topic:

According to the Standards for RTOs 2015 (clauses 1.1-1.4), RTOs are required to provide an outline of the amount of training that will be provided for each program. This means that RTOs are required to demonstrate that the amount of training provided for each training program is sufficient to ensure participants will gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to meet the AQF level, with a relationship to the volume of learning, and training product specifications.

This webinar will assist attendees in identifying their volume of learning responsibilities, help them to determine the amount of training required for a particular program, using the AQF volume of learning indicators as a benchmark, provide advice on how to justify alternate study periods based on the learner cohort and outline where in a Training and Assessment Strategy this could be reported.

Key outcomes:

  • Identify Volume of Learning requirements for RTOs
  • Apply the principles of Volume of Learning in their RTO
  • Justify how their programs meet the requirements
  • Explain how shorter timeframes could be appropriate.