Developing meaningful evaluation of training programs

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Overview of the topic:

Training evaluation is the process of finding out whether all the money, time and effort put into designing and delivering training courses or other learning experiences was worth it. According to the Standards for RTOs 2015, an RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices, including the amount of training they provide, must be consistent with the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses and enable learners to meet the requirements for each unit of competency or module with which they are enrolled. Therefore, evaluation provides a mechanism to confirm that this consistently occurs.
High-quality training and assessment means students are well equipped for employment or further study; their qualification is seen as credible when they enter the job market; and they are judged by employers as holding the skills and competencies specified in their qualification. As such, it is critical that meaningful evaluation takes place to ensure that the RTO lives up to both its promises and potential.

This webinar explores how to evaluate a training program, by measuring the effectiveness of the training in meeting workforce performance needs, capability requirements and learner expectations, together with the training product specifications. It will also provide examples of how to plan and prepare for the evaluation, collect and collate the data, analyse the findings and report the conclusions/recommendations.

Key outcomes:

  • Discuss the importance of evaluation
  • Outline the steps involved in planning and preparing for the evaluation
  • Identify methods of collecting and collating the data
  • Explore the analysis process
  • Identify formats for reporting conclusions and recommendations.