Developing effective and compliant Training and Assessment Strategies

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Overview of the topic:

A Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) identifies the structure for the way in which a training product is delivered to learners and the way assessment will occur. This is not just something that is provided to the auditor, or to trainers so they know what they are delivering. It is a purposeful record that informs a range of administrative functions and supports consistency in training and assessment practice.

This webinar unpacks the purpose of a TAS and provides specific guidance on how to design and develop one successfully. It will also shine a light on common non-compliances and offers advice on how to review the strategy, so it remains functional and up-to-date.

Key outcomes:

  • Discuss the key purpose of a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)
  • Outline the parameters of a TAS
  • Explore the framework and structure of a TAS and recognise the minimum components
  • Identify common non-compliances within TAS documents
  • Suggest appropriate methods for reviewing the strategy.