Online trainer’s tool kit

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Overview of the topic:

This webinar is packed full of tested tips for online facilitators. In face-to-face training, a carefully selected game or activity will support the trainer in attracting and maintaining interest in their session. However, in many cases this involvement and interaction is removed when converted to an e-learning pathway. As such, death by webinar is rapidly replacing death by PowerPoint! This session aims to help you to make your webinars and other e-learning resources more effective and engaging! It discusses how to deliver results before, during and after a webinar and provides a series of field-tested, yet customisable activities that allow trainers to instantly increase the impact of their online training.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identity six steps to improving online facilitation
  • Describe the benefits of giving participants a T.A.S.T.E.R.
  • Understand the importance of using C.O.R.E. online
  • Introduce additional technology to enhance the learning
  • Develop activities that engage and enliven online training.