Making virtual training memorable!

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Overview of the topic:

When not presenting face-to-face, your presence is reduced to a thumbnail on a screen, which means you have to work a little harder to attract and maintain the interest of your audience. Further to this, when delivering training virtually, you are competing with a highly distracting on-screen environment, so it is more difficult to keep your audience’s focus on your key content. To cut through the noise, your virtual presentation needs to hook your audience from the start, keep them engaged throughout and deliver a highly memorable message to drive lasting retention.

This session explores how to attract and sustain the audience’s attention by combining dynamic storytelling, high-impact imagery, meaningful interaction, and a host of relevant learning activities. Overall, the session will provide 15+ ideas for how to make your next virtual training session memorable. 

Key Outcomes:

  • Outline how to use storytelling to attract and sustain attention
  • Identify how to incorporate high-impact imagery to prime learners’ brains and spike their attention
  • Describe how to create meaningful interaction within virtual training
  • Identify at least fifteen (15) ways to make virtual training more memorable.