Developing more effective webinars

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Overview of the topic:

When done effectively, webinar training can rival live in-person courses in learner engagement, content retention and learning application. Webinar training has the added benefit of reaching large audiences in diverse locations at the same time. However, these programs need to be planned and delivered differently from face-to-face courses to have maximum impact. This webinar is focused on helping participants to create dynamic, engaging, and effective webinars aimed at improving the transfer of learning and thus organisational results.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify Instructional design principles that make webinars just as effective as classroom training
  • Examine Technical Do’s and Don’ts for how to make the webinar run smoothly
  • Develop ways to keep the audience involved and energised during the webinar
  • Implement ideas for keeping the learners motivated after the webinar
  • Draft a webinar project plan using a mock webinar template.