FULL SERIES – Virtual Training Series

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15th – 16th June 2022

With the educational shift towards presenting more sessions virtually, trainers are being asked to master the practices for presenting effectively online with the view of creating learning experiences that rival their face-to-face counterparts. As such, it is important for trainers to understand how to best plan for online learning, leverage virtual tools to create engagement, build in meaningful activities and manage difficulties as they arrive.

This series comprises the following sessions:

  • Developing more effective webinars
  • Online Trainer’s Tool Kit
  • Making Virtual Training memorable!
  • Virtual Trainer’s First Aid Kit – 11 ways to manage challenging learner behaviours online.

Each webinar adds different perspectives and depth to facilitating live, virtual training, and provides advice and resources to help you to present like a pro to your virtual audiences!

Participants can choose to attend individual sessions or bundle all four webinars into an event series.