Maximising learner success through the development of effective learning resources

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Overview of the topic:

There are a range of print-based learning resources used within the Vocational Education and Training space. These resources could take the form of reference documents, learner guides, task sheets, activity descriptions, subject overviews, amongst many others. Regardless of the type, research into the resource requirements are necessary prior to development to ensure the best fitness for purpose. This will involve obtaining information about:

  • the target audience – who the intended resource-user is
  • the learning needs – what the resource is there to support
  • the learning environment – where this resource will be used.

Learning resources should be focused more on ‘universal design’, than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and this webinar explores the key considerations for designing and developing resources that maximise the learning process. This will include an overview of the research function, an identification of common design methodologies that could be used, as well as tips for reviewing the resource prior to implementation. Attendees will also be provided with a comprehensive kit of templates to support their development of learning resources back on the job.

Key outcomes:

  • Understand how to research the resource requirements
  • Select appropriate instructional design models to support the development of the learning resources
  • Identify how to develop the learning content
  • Explain how to review the resource prior to implementation.