Developing effective recognition strategies

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Overview of the topic:

Recognition is a process that assesses the competencies acquired by an individual through formal, non-formal and informal learning in relation to the established criteria and requirements for a given training product (e.g., unit of competency, skill set or qualification). A recognition strategy is therefore the roadmap developed by an organisation to support the acknowledgement of current competencies against workplace or industry criteria, or recognition of prior learning (RPL) leading to the completion of units of competency or qualifications. In this webinar, participants will learn how to analyse units of competency requirements with the aim of creating a robust recognition package that is both audit and candidate friendly. It will also provide ideas for monitoring and evaluating the recognition package, so that it remains relevant and meaningful to candidate needs and intuitive to navigate.

Key outcomes:

  • Define “recognition strategy”
  • Identify the characteristics of an effective recognition strategy
  • Explain how to analyse units of competency for the purpose of developing a recognition strategy
  • Identify the features of a robust recognition package
  • Discuss techniques for monitoring and evaluating recognition strategies.