Exploring the 5 key facets of impact

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Overview of the topic:

This session explores five key facets of impact, which overlap every role within in Registered Training Organisation (RTO). On average, an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. Like the ‘butterfly effect’ theory, where small actions in one place can have huge ramifications in seemingly unrelated locations, the same is true in business. Even though we can be great distances apart, the pledges we make and the choices we take daily, can have a profound impact on others.

This session aims to highlight how we can improve the impact that we have on our students, staff, and the industries/communities we serve. Further to this, it will examine the influence that cognitive bias, emotional contagion, and mutual reciprocity have on success. Whilst these can seem like heavy concepts, understanding them better, will help us to create simple solutions, that reap large rewards.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify the ABCs of attitude
  • Describe the five facets of impact
  • Define the terms “emotional contagion”, “mutual reciprocity” and “cognitive bias”
  • Explain how to improve our impact on students, staff and the industries/communities we serve.