Enhancing learning in the workplace

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Overview of the topic:

There is often a mismatch between how individuals acquire new knowledge and skills and what organisations focus on and value. Modern workplace learning therefore requires an approach that aims to bridge this gap and necessitates a new learning mindset that views learning at work very differently than in the past. Workplace learning can improve employee performance by giving them the means to grow with the company and contribute to a culture built around performance and can also provide a very powerful way for individuals to learn what they want to and need to, to be effective in their job. However, this learning still needs to be structured and personalised to reflect both the learners’ needs and workplace context.

This webinar examines how to create balance when planning, organising, and facilitating learning for individuals in a workplace, and shows how using real work activities as the basis for learning can create more authentic outcomes. Furthermore, it will specifically explain how to establish, develop, and maintain appropriate facilitation relationships as well as explore ways to close and evaluate the journey.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify how to establish an effective work environment for learning
  • Determine options to develop a work-based learning pathway
  • Identify challenges when implementing the work-based learning pathway
  • Explain how to establish, develop and maintain an appropriate learning-facilitation relationship
  • Explore ways to close and evaluate the learning-facilitation relationship.