Games with Frontiers – Learn how to use a series of 60 second energisers

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Overview of the topic:

Sometimes learners need some respite from the content and a well-placed energiser can help to boost their connection to the training, refocus their attention or simply refresh them so they are ready for the next topic. This webinar reveals the five secrets of effective interactive training, that is faster, cheaper, and better. During the session, attendees will rapidly explore and participate in more than a dozen 60 second energisers, that will help them to get the most out of the energy of their groups. These activities will be suitable for delivering training in both a face-to-face setting, as well as within an online learning space.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify suitable energizers for training
  • Demonstrate how to build energy using energisers
  • Examine the five secrets of effective interactive training
  • Explore and participate in at least twelve (12) different energising activities
  • Explain how these activities can add energy and focus.