Creating Storyboards to enhance your training design

Free Webinars

17th Mar 2023 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane


Overview of the topic:

A storyboard is a graphic organiser that provides instructional designers with a powerful way to visually present the direction and flow of a training program. It helps to explain the connectedness between the selected learning resources, learning activities and course content, with the specified outcomes of the program. Storyboards are particularly useful in developing and communicating the structure of e-learning programs. This session examines the role of storyboards within instructional design and provides advice on when to use them. It will highlight a range of storyboard types and demonstrate how these can be used effectively. Finally, participants will be provided with practical tips for commencing and managing their own storyboard development.

Key outcomes:

  • Identify the role of a storyboard
  • Describe how a storyboard could be used in an instructional design context
  • Select appropriate storyboard types
  • Identify the benefits of using storyboards to communicate the direction and flow of training
  • Explain how to put storyboarding into practice.