Great Question – Enhancing evidence of knowledge by designing clever questions for assessments

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Overview of the topic:

Assessment has many purposes. Namely, it can be used to generate inferences about the learning and development of students, employed to determine a candidate’s readiness to progress in the program, utilised to confirm whether learners possess sufficient knowledge or skill, or implemented as a means of capturing evidence to support competency decisions. 

However, if the questions are not designed effectively, they may not yield accurate results. 

Whether you’ve been tasked to write questions for diagnostic testing, formative, or summative assessments or even competency conversations as part of a recognition pathway, the quality of the questions used will ultimately determine the success of the assessment process.

This session provides specific guidance on how to design more effective assessment questions for a variety of common questioning styles used within VET, (including multiple choice, short answer, essay, and branching questions), that are framed to elicit sufficient evidence of knowledge and pitched at an appropriate AQF level.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify common questioning types
  • Choose the right types for the right assessment purposes
  • Examine the role language plays in framing questions
  • Describe critical question design considerations 
  • Identity key tips for success.