Developing best practice marking guides

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Overview of the topic:

Marking guides are a critical part of an assessment tool as they assist assessors in making consistent assessment decisions about competence. A well-designed marking guide arms assessors with advice aimed at minimising variations in judgements and ensures that the same evidence presented by different students or to different assessors results in the same decision.

This webinar will outline the elements of a best practice marking guide, including how to develop evidence criteria to judge the quality of performance, how to frame model answers for the evaluation of knowledge and how to use descriptions of observations needed to assess skills and/or the application of knowledge in a practical activity. It will also identify other useful information (such as guidance on contextualisation and reasonable adjustments) to support assessors in understanding the full intent of the unit of competency forming the basis of the assessment.

Key Outcomes:

  • Discuss common marking guide challenges
  • Describe the elements of a best practice marking guide
  • Outline how to develop evidence criteria to judge the quality of performance
  • Identify how to structure key advice for assessors
  • Explain how marking guides contribute to compliance.