FULL SERIES – Delivery and Facilitation Series


13th – 14th April 2022

Put simply, facilitation matters! When we improve the quality of the trainer, we will improve the quality of the training, and this will have a profound impact on learner success. While content is important, effective facilitators will motivate their audiences to make better connections to the content and each other, to create more powerful and enjoyable learning.

This series comprises the following sessions:

  • 13 winning activities that support learning transfer
  • Permission to P.L.A.Y.
  • Training FUNdamentals
  • Creating Power Points that are more powerful!

Each webinar tackles a different facet of delivery and facilitation and aims to arm trainers with the strategies, tools and examples they need to lead improved facilitation practice.

Participants can choose to attend individual sessions or bundle all four webinars into an event series.