We recognise that every learner is different. As such, MRWED offers a variety of support options, with the goal of creating an environment where learners are empowered with the resources and guidance needed to be successful.

At a course level, we provide focused learning activities, reinforcement tasks, extension exercises and reflection opportunities to help learners to embed keys concepts and strengthen skills. When using our Learning Management System learners have access to a comprehensive selection of reference material and resources (in a range of media formats) to enable them to expand their understanding.

Best of all, learners have on-going access to a dedicated “Learner Success Team” of experienced trainers and assessors who can provide feedback, guidance, and mentoring support throughout their learning journey. This support is available by phone, email and via the instant messaging functions within MRWED online. Alternatively, video calls using Zoom or MS Teams can be arranged with a MRWED Learner Success Team member. Finally, MRWED schedules regular facilitator-led online support sessions as well as in person support days in our national training centres. There is no additional cost for this support.