S.T.O.P. in the name of learning

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Overview of the topic:

This practitioner-driven session will focus on helping presenters to attract and maintain the attention of their audiences, so their participants will be ready for the important messages that come from training. It will highlight the importance of taking time to pause and reflect during training and offers tips, tricks and techniques backed by the S.T.O.P. formula of Story Telling, Object lessons and Props.

During the session, the presenter will explain how to select, construct and frame stories that enable greater impact of a message; demonstrate how to run an object lesson that speaks to content; and will model how props can be used to support reinforcement both in and out of the classroom.

Key outcomes:

  • Identify methods for attracting and maintaining the attention of audiences
  • Highlight seven (7) ways to frame storytelling to create engagement
  • Explain how object lessons can be used to enhance learning
  • Use props to strengthen content an reinforce learning
  • Identify the benefits of the S.T.O.P formula.