Getting more out of your Microsoft Office Suite: 14 tips to power up your use of PowerPoint, Excel and Word

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Overview of the topic:

The Microsoft Office suite has become a ubiquitous tool for workplace communications and productivity – but are you getting the most out of this software?
This session will help you to work smarter and more dynamically with 14 targeted tips to improve your use of PowerPoint, Excel and Word within a Vocational Education and Training setting. This includes creative ways of embedding media, tips on generating stunning visual effects, techniques to help you make your data pop, guidance on how to make best use of the developer tool and advice on how to use accessibility features more effectively.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identify creative ways of embedding audio, video, images and 3D models into presentations or documents
  • Explore how to use a morph transition to create a parallax effect and a sliding dial effect
  • Describe time saving “developer” tab features that add greater functionality to forms
  • Explain how to generate conditional formatting and sparklines to help make the data pop
  • Identify how to use speech to text and text to speech features, including live captioning and translations.