Clustering and Co-delivery

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Overview of the topic:

Clustering and co-delivery refer to the process of grouping competencies into combinations that have meaning, and purpose related to the relevant work functions and needs of industry or enterprise. To meet clients’ needs and maximise outcomes, RTOs need to develop products and processes that focus on the quality of the learning and assessment experience.

As such, clustering and co-delivery of units of competency can help RTOs to produce strategies that reflect the requirements of the workplace, produce more authentic and intuitive learning experiences, and enhance opportunities for holistic evidence gathering by assessors.

During training, learners can make deeper connections to content through experiencing the inter-relatedness of the subject matter. Moreover, a well-developed, clustered assessment can yield better evidence of a student’s competence, as it will often transfer to a real-life setting more readily.

This session will examine the benefits and pitfalls of clustering and co-delivery and will provide a road map for implementation, including how to justify the strategy.

Key Outcomes:

  • Explain how to visualise the required competency
  • Describe how units can be clustered for both delivery and assessment purposes
  • Identify the benefits and pitfalls of clustering and co-delivery
  • Outline a framework for clustering and co-delivery.