MRWED are thrilled to announce that we have submitted our addition to scope application to deliver the new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40116) and Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (TAE50116) qualifications. MRWED has spent 8 months honing the application by connecting with industry, developing new learning and assessment materials, creating streamlined mapping tools (and other systems) and validating all these with independent external validators. We are pleased to share the following snippets of feedback from the validations:

  • In reference to our Book of Readings the validator said, “This is a first class resource that addresses the content of this unit. I can see it being used as a “go to” reference long after a candidate has graduated.”
  • When commenting on our marking guides, the validator stated that “good marking guides were sighted. These are critical to ensure consistent judgements by assessors. They include ‘decision-making’ rules.”
  • In terms of industry relevance and sufficiency, the validator wrote that “the assessment activities reflect current industry practice” and “the performance evidence and knowledge evidence requirements are met.”

In the end we uploaded 138 files and provided a 62 page explanation document, which demonstrated our compliance with the application requirements. We now wait with anticipation for feedback on our application from the regulator. Given the size and scope of the application process, it will take some time for reviewers to complete their assessments. Additionally, as extra scrutiny will be given to the quality of each application and support documents, delays in processing are inevitable.

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