The TAE Training Package was updated in April 2016, with the core units TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools and TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills being added to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

To ensure the VET workforce has appropriate skills in designing and developing assessment tools and identifying and evaluating LLN requirements, Skills Ministers agreed to update the Standards to align with the changes to the TAE Training Package. A deadline was set, meaning trainers and assessors who do not hold the relevant units, were given until 1st April 2019 to meet the new credential requirements.

As industry practitioners and their RTOs stare down this April 1st deadline (and no, the irony is not lost on us about the selection of the date), we recognise that there may be some stress felt by trainers and assessors who still need to complete the two units necessary to meet the new requirements. In the past 6 weeks, MRWED has been inundated with enquiries and applications from holders of the TAE40110 qualification looking to “upgrade” to TAE40116 or complete the units for the credential requirements. MRWED General Manager, Jason Ash has described it as “the highest level of demand experienced in a MRWED product in his 10 years in the business”. Whilst we are thrilled that so many candidates are turning to MRWED for their training and assessment qualification needs, the extreme levels of demand have provided their fair share of challenges.

At this stage we must advise that we are currently close to our operational capacity to support new students looking to complete the required units by 1st April 2019. This challenge is not unique to MRWED. With only 99 RTOs with the TAE40116 on scope, there is a sector-wide capacity issue. There are simply more trainers needing to upgrade than there are organisations with places to accommodate them.

We are doing our best to support as many candidates as we can. In anticipation of the increased demand to complete upgrade options, MRWED undertook a national recruitment process in December 2018 and we have added 5 new members to the training, assessing and administration teams in January.

Despite this action, we still have limited availability of positions for upgrades and we urge prospective students to contact us sooner, rather than later, to ensure they have the best chance of completing their study and having their units/qualifications issued by the deadline. Further to this, to protect the integrity of the learning process and to honour the commitments we have made to existing students, it is appropriate that we limit places.

We thank our students past and present for their patience and we look forward to assisting all those who accept a position in a MRWED course.

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