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Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available to all MRWED students who can demonstrate that they already possess current skills and knowledge relevant to the qualification. Making an RPL application requires the students to complete an enrolment form and then provide evidence substantiating their claim for competency. Suggested evidence and the process for obtaining RPL is described in the RPL Kit, which can be downloaded below.

After reviewing the submitted evidence, a MRWED assessor will contact the participant with advice about whether or not the evidence satisfies the assessment requirements for each of the Units of Competency included in that qualification. If the provided evidence is sufficient, authentic, current and valid then the applicant will not be required to undertake any further training or assessment prior to issuance.  For more detailed information about RPL for your qualification download the relevant RPL Kit below.

TAE40116 RPL kit Download here