MRWED uses the online learning platform Canvas to host and coordinate training and assessment activities. Self-paced online students navigate through an integrated program of study that combines course content, learning activities, reinforcement tasks, extension exercises and reflections, as well as formative assessment. All the required materials and support documents will be available via the MRWED online portal.

PRICE: $280.00

During this Self-paced Online Program participants will:

  • Identify existing LLN skills of learners using validated LLN assessment tools
  • Determine the LLN requirements of the workplace and training in line with the Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Decide when specialist LLN support is required
  • Access appropriate specialist LLN support
  • Develop learning plan for learner to achieve required core LLN skills
  • Revise learning resources to be LLN appropriate
  • Apply learning support strategies to facilitate full participation and development of required LLN skills

During the Self-paced Online Program students will participate in a range of learning activities and complete several practical tasks. These include forum discussions, responses to case studies, simulations, resource development, peer review and self-evaluation. With no scheduled classes, learners can work through this program in their own time, at their own pace and in their preferred location.

In combination with the formal training component, students will complete additional reinforcement, extension, and reflection tasks together with their assessment. They will also have access to ongoing support from the MRWED Learner Success Team, to facilitate the progress through their learning journey.


Self-paced Online Learning Program – $280.00

Payment Plans

Fixed fees, no interest or charges ever.

Payment plans are only offered to students who pay their own tuition fees. Payment plans are not available if a student is accessing funding.

Three-Month Payment Plan

You will receive three (3) invoices, payable at 7 days, 30 days and 90 days. There is no charge for this service. Payments can be made via EFT, direct deposit, credit card online, debit card online or PayPal.

Six-Month Payment Plans

You will receive one (1) invoice. Payments can only be made by EFT or direct deposit. Payments may be made fortnightly or monthly.

Twelve-Month Payment Plans

Only available for fees over $1,000. You will receive one (1) invoice. Payments can only be made by EFT or direct deposit. Payments may be made fortnightly or monthly.

If you wish to commence a payment plan, please indicate your requirements (number of months and preference for payment frequency) via email when returning your Course Acceptance Letter.

Students are encouraged to request a payment plan at the time of application. However, these can be entered into at a later date should circumstances change.

Any queries regarding payment plans should be addressed to:

Certificates and/or Statements of Attainment will not be issued prior to full payment of all tuition, establishment, and administration fees.

All Standard Terms and Conditions of MRWED Training and Assessment will apply. (See Participant Information Handbook for more details).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once your enrolment and payment have been processed, you will receive an email from MRWED Learning Support with instructions on how to access your course materials. Follow these instructions to set up your own password and gain access to your study materials.

You will be able to start your course as soon as you have received your login information. This will be sent to your nominated email address within 2 business days of payment being received.

In most cases within 2 weeks of you successfully completing your studies, you will receive a link via your nominated email address to your original Statement of Attainment or Testamur. From this link you will be able to print a copy, save the document or forward as an attachment. If you would also like a hard copy sent to you, you will be asked in the email to confirm your details are correct, once confirmed we will organise printing and postage to your nominated postal address.

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